Easy-as Boho Earring Hanger


It's a big thing to move house, especially when you've been in the one place for a while. There are phases you go through as you move through the packing and moving process and there are levels you move through too, depending on how organized and energized you (or your friends) are.Eventually though, no matter how systematic your personality is, you get to that bottom draw (you know the one) ... with all the crap in it, and the temptation is to tip the whole lot in the bin or tip the whole lot in a box with packing paper around it and go into denial until you get to "the new place". The new house becomes "the answer to all things" until you get there and you have to unpack.It's always a mystery to me that in that bottom draw with all the crappy little things you can't throw away and that don't really belong anywhere, there always seems to be a single earring or two. That's because (my theory) earrings are one of the most fiddly bits of jewellery to display.So here's is my solution (with a little bit of a gypsy feel).

Boho Earring Hanger

IMG_earring-4Skill level: easy asTime it takes to make: 30 minutes or less from start to finish.

NeedleAll you need is

  • Hollow dowel (could be a stiff cardboard roll at a pinch). I used copper piping because I have a thing for copper piping!
  • Wide lace with parts in the lace pattern for hanging earrings and it needs to be wide enough to wrap around your hollow dowel and extend past it and hang down.
  • Ribbon for hanging - can be earthy like hessian ribbon or luxe like satin ribbon

Sewing stuff you may already have.

  • pins
  • scissors
  • needle

IMG_Earing-2IMG_3dWrap the lace around your hollow dowel so that the side you want to use for hanging earrings is longer.Stitch the lace around the dowel (I just did a simple running stitch. It doesn't need to be a really tight fit. As the hanging ribbon holds it in place. Don't stitch the ends. Leave these open.Now thread the hanging ribbon through the hollow dowel and tie it at the top or slide it around and hide the tie inside the hollow dowel. The length really depends on where you want to hang it.Then hook your earrings in and voila!