DIY Coat Hanger and Feather Wreaths


Easy-as Christmas Wreaths

Wire coat hangers are one of those things, like odd socks, that multiply in your wardrobe surreptitiously over time. This is a great use for at least one of them!It's a 30 minutes exercise and delivers an instant Christmas wreath... simple and easy for kids to make too.And at the end of the post you'll find a Found Feather Wreath which is also just as quick and easy if you already have a feather collection.

Up–cycled wire coat hanger wreath

I've used green hemp string and grey eucalyptus branches with the gums still on. This can mean the branches can be heavy with the gum nuts. Its best to begin to tie them on around the wire and then hold it up and see if any branches fall forward. They may need another tie near the head of the gum nuts where the weight .

Top TipsSissors

I like to leave the ties of hemp strings loose and long to add a little texture to the wreath. It also means I can add bells or Christmas decorations to it easily later on or add more foliage as it dries out. You also can trim the string right back right back so you can't see them at all, its up to you.You can tie the greenery or flowers to the wire or just twist it round and around, depending on how soft and bendy the flowers stalks are. It's also a wonderful way to used fresh picked herbs which are soft enough twist around and add a lovely fragrance to the room.gum-wreaths-11gum-wreaths-10gum-wreaths-23 gum-wreaths-8gum-wreaths-6gum-wreaths-5gum-wreaths-3gum-wreaths

Found Feather Wreath

If, like me, you collect feathers on your walks all year round and keep them in a jar on the table, then this is a great way to celebrate them at Christmas.For this wreath you just need to make a circle of branches twisted round and round and the bound together with more branches or strong twine.  It's important that the circle is very dense with branches so the feathers are held tightly. You can also just buy a ready-made bracken wreath from the craft store. Then a you do is just poke the feathers in.. around and around.. and keep adding them all year as you discover more feathers.   feather-wreaths-3feather-wreaths-2